About The Ohio Republican Council of Clubs...


We recognize that all politics are local, and local means local!


Our GOP “tent” is unique in that it has many people participating under the spectrum of thoughts, ideas,

values, and dreams.


Our tent must offer the opportunity for ALL conservative people to have a base from which to work with a common base of respect and allowing for free exchange of thought, and information so we can all grow in our understanding of the needs of our people.


Not all groups will have the same needs, or alignment of ideology, but the common points should outweigh the differences.

We need strong, committed and successful clubs !


Thinking people naturally gravitate to organizations that most closely resemble their own thoughts, philosophies and value paradigms or other identity.


Clubs and factions will naturally arise, and this can be healthy for advancement.


We propose that we build clubs, not just geographically, but also to allow clubs of thought, ethnicity, demographic identification, or other subsets to be included so those voices are added, instead of marginalized and subtracted from our general need to support our candidates.


Our main goal...


Support conservitive thought and ideals.


Build and support independent geographical clubs that are vibrant.


Have a framework for all to work under.


Prepare to support the needs of the candidates at all levels who are impacted by the races in Franklin County.


SUPPORT our candidates to win elections.

What does this entail?


The short list is candidate recruitment and presentation for endorsements fo any and ALL races in our county.


Fundraising support to help them win.


Educational support to help them identify the issues and needs so they win.


Moral support and  networking so they have an identifiable network of experts available as needed.


Grassroots support to help the ground game where we can with REAL planning and organization.




We want this to be enjoyable and rewarding.


We suggest social functions to occur at the club level as well as the county level through the month.


We will have a centralized calendar so we can attend and be open to others who want to learn or network.


Who is in charge ?


Simple answer...


The club will be autonomous to your geography or subset and we have proposed bylaws for you to organize under prepped by Josh Brown, esq.


If you want to grow into a full 501c3 or other IRS recognized entity we will help you take those steps.


The council will initially be facilitated by the Dublin GOP or other sponsoring group for the short term, but we will need  to form a leadership board in the next 2 months to replace us, and we would like to have the governance become a rotating  leadership team so we can avoid myopic leadership.


We strive for this to be a better way for our diverse county to work TOGETHER.


Your first steps...


Agree to your local team and build a proposed calendar of events.


Extend the hand to others and we will assist in social media if you wish to enliven your club.


Add to the general calendar of events.


Invite forward those that aren't with us who  are reluctant or perhaps they have been disenfranchised for some reason.


This is an OPEN DOOR invite for our people to find ideological homes.


RESPECT is our key, and a helping hand is our goal.


What do we get?


Ideas, growth, new relationships and enrichment.


We will also reassert that our ideas should not be quashed, vilified or marginalized.


Our new crop of candidates and existing office holders will be our leaders, speakers and voice-pieces, and the relationship will mean we restore a participatory democracy with conservative ideals and values.


Our leaders are asking us to do this and we can have a new meaningful relationship.


General goals...


Campaign Manager School


Candidate School


Monthly HIGH Quality Events


Local Candidate Support


Education of Current Topics, Strategies and Directions


Opportunities to be Involved in the Processes Like Never Before




Little White Schoolhouse

The Republican Schoolhouse, also known as Little White Schoolhouse or Birthplace of the Republican Party, is a historic former schoolhouse at 305 Blackburn Street in Ripon, Wisconsin. Built in 1853, it was designated a National Historic Landmark for its role in the 1854 founding of the Republican Party. It is now a local history museum.



The structure was built in its original location in 1853 as a school. It was championed as part of a wider education initiative by a New York transplant, Alvan Bovay. Bovay used his position in founding the school to further involve himself in politics, becoming a founder of the Republican Party, which formed during a meeting at the schoolhouse.


The building is a single-story wood frame structure, with a gabled roof and clapboarded exterior. It has modest Greek Revival styling, with a single entrance framed by pilasters and an entablature with cornice. There are sash windows on either side of the entrance.




In 1854, opposition grew to the proposed Kansas-Nebraska Bill. The bill was championed by the dominant Democratic Party, and the opposition was split among several smaller parties, including the Whig Party, the Free Soil Party, and some internal Democratic Party splintering. In Ripon, Bovay, who had gotten the schoolhouse built, lead the opposition, and canvassed support among opposition members of all the local parties. He called a meeting on March 20. The Whig and Free Soil parties dissolved themselves in favor of forming a new, united party to be called "Republican," with some Democrats also defecting from their local party branch to join the new party. With publicity from the New York Tribune, word of the party spread, other local chapters and state-level parties started forming by July or earlier, and a national party was formed by 1856.



The town quickly outgrew the small building, and built a larger brick building to replace it. The old building was sold to Wisconsin governor George Peck, for use as a home. By the early twentieth century, it had fallen into disuse, and was in danger of being demolished. Due to its historical significance, effort was put into saving the building.


Local civic and historical organizations, considering its local and national historical significance, raised funds to save it. The building was refurbished, and moved to the campus of Ripon College. Later, it was moved twice more to other locations on campus.


Its fourth and final move, in 1951, was to its present location.


Twenty-two years later, it was recognized it as a historic site by the United States National Park Service, which declared it a National Historic Landmark in 1974. From 2005 to 2007, the house underwent a renovation.


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